Why did you create the app, aren't there enough similar apps available?

Yes, and I tried all of them. The problem is, they've been mostly created for keeping a diary and not a growth oriented journal. I also noticed and with most of them I had a spurt of a week of entries, after which my engagement dropped. Thus I wanted to create something that matched my specific needs of (1) easy daily entries for specifc topics (2) engagement through gamification or insights.


Are there ads in the app?

No, I find them annoying.


Who should not use the app?

If you're looking for a long-form diary, this is not your thing. If you want to add pictures into your daily entries, this is not your thing. 


However, if you're looking for a practical tool for improving yourself - we might have something for you.


When is the iOS version coming out?

After several months of development, the plan is to launch on App Store during January 2019. Sign up to our newsletter or Twitter to be notified!