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Growth Journal app is the easiest and most engaging way to keep a daily journal for personal growth.


How many times have you heard that keeping a journal focused on personal growth might be a good idea? That it will increase your level of happiness, productivity, and focus. And how many times have you abandoned doing so after the first few days of inspiration?

We've been there, so we set out to create a free mobile app that would make keeping a journal so easy and engaging, that you would anticipate instead of dread filling it.


Why Growth Journal app?



We've stripped down all the non-essentials, leaving you with a focus on the core: writing a growth oriented journal to keep improving.



Through the 'Gratitude Tree', you'll get an instant glimpse of all the good things in your life. Perfect companion for moments of doubt and darkness. 



As a Premium subscriber, you can store your entries in the cloud as well as place a password to keep you thoughts private. 

I have tried many different journal apps and this one is my favorite because it has everything I need to make sure I am living the most constructive and positive life every day! Daily lessons to goals and simple journaling. Tagging makes it easy to organize and I love watching the little tree grow. It truly does reflect my own growth!
— Kristen G.
Finally! I’ve been searching for a good and simple app that can help me practice my gratitude and at-the-end-of-day recollection journal. The lemon and mint color used is very refreshing in my eyes. Everything is very clear and straightforward. Really loving this!
— Grace R.

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Empowering grounded change-makers

Our vision is to create a world where people are happy for how things are, yet constantly strive for better. We want to help you see the beauty of life, but also bring about exponential growth. To build a world-wide group of individuals, who want to leave a positive imprint and inspire others through their own example.