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Growth Journal is the easiest and most engaging way to keep a daily journal for personal growth.


How many times have you heard that keeping a journal focused on personal growth might be a good idea? That it will increase your level of happiness, productivity, and focus. And how many times have you abandoned doing so after the first few days of inspiration?

We've been there, so we set out to create an app that would make keeping a journal so easy and engaging, that you would anticipate instead of dread filling it.


Why use Growth Journal



We've stripped down all the non-essentials, leaving you with a focus on the core: writing a growth oriented journal to keep improving.



Gain insider knowledge into the most important person in your life - yourself. Share learnings and visualise what you appreciate in life. 



With the premium package, you can store your entries in the cloud as well as place a password to keep you thoughts private. 

Perfect app for journal entries. User friendly interface, clean design emphasising ease of use.
— Kimberley Ballard
I’ve been looking for something like this and enjoy the simiplicity.
— Coreen Long

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